Cell Phone Financing

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Offer No credit check Financing on Cell Phones & Mobile devices!


No credit check financing will drive huge amounts of traffic to your location.

How does your customer qualify?
There are THREE things we look at to qualify a customer:

  • Employment - The customer must be employed at least 6 months

  • Income - Gross over $1,000 per month

  • Bank Account -  Deposit at least $500 per month. They must have an open and active checking account for at least three months with no NSF’s or overdrafts in the last 30 days.

n 40% Instant Approval ( additional 40% approved with additional verification submission)
n Easy & Affordable Payments (deducted directly from bank account on payday)
n Online Application (takes less then 5 minutes to complete online)
n 90 Day Payment Option (same as cash except for 10% initial payment from customer)
n 8 out of 10 Applications Approved (most customers become repeat customers)
n No liability, No charge backs to the store (Store gets paid in two to four business days direct deposit)

Remember that 40% are approved without ever submitting this information!

This program allows YOU the merchant to get 100% of desired funds guaranteed in 15 minutes, while taking on NONE of the liability. It is a No BRAINER!

Increase your stores traffic by advertising NO CREDIT CELL PHONE FINANCING, increase business, offer your customers higher end phones and compete with postpaid offers!

To qualify for this financing program you need to sell wireless phones currently & have a physical commercial location.
Unfortunately, this financing program is not available in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Vermont or New Jersey.

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Cell Phone Financing by Wireless Dealers of America

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