Now you can Offer Every Major Prepaid Wireless Carrier! The Nations Best Dealer program!


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Resellers Needed ASAP for International Virtual Numbers.

Our new International numbers program called


Is Unlimited incoming calls to your customers phones from the country and locality in that country of their choice!!! This means they call a local number in their country and reach you with unlimited calling.

Numbers are $9.99/mo. And you as the dealer will earn 20% monthly on your sales.

Note: this is not an outgoing call program. All calling is incoming only.
You must have a CODE to order from the site.
Your customers use your companies code and you get all the residuals.
If you wish to get a test account, email me for a code.


Signup to request a code and start selling today.


**Data Only** Promotion opportunity

ANY Unlocked GSM or T-Mobile Data stick of Tablet $35/mo. UNLIMITED 4G LTE DATA!!!

This offer is ONLY good with a tablet or data stick.
You can use our SIM cards or your own T-mobile SIM cards


Forget about PagePlus!
Forget about Selectel!
Now you can have your very own label on Verizon’s towers!


**NEW** Verizon White Label - Offer the Largest CDMA network with your own brand and starting keeping all the residuals.

4G: Monthly retail pricing
(before your discount)
$20 – 500/500/15MB
$30 – 1500/Unlimited/1GB
$30 DATA ONLY – 5 minutes/5 Text/2GB Data
$30 ALTERNATE – 1000/Unlimited SMS/MMS (no data)
$35 – Unlimited Talk, Text and Data (first 1GB up to 4G/LTE then throttled)
$40 – Unlimited Talk, Text and Data (first 2GB up to 4G/LTE then throttled)
$55 – Unlimited Talk, Text and Data (first 5GB up to 4G/LTE then throttled)
$70 – Unlimited Talk, Text and Data (first 7GB up to 4G/LTE then throttled)

Already a WDOA member, order white label verizon sim cards here now.

STOP selling THEIR wireless, START selling YOUR wireless !!

The products below are where the real money and residuals await you.

Our White labels could make you more money
than you've ever made in wireless !!!

Our goal with the Master dealer portal and the white label & exclusive brand programs is to provide you a way to keep all your own customers, instead of having companies like Tracfone & others steal them away. All our programs like the one's you see above were created to allow you to compete and win against all competition!


And ALL the programs you see here. Everything we have today

and anything we add into the future!!

Note: we also allow you to create your own dealer program utilizing our offerings.


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